Simplify Policy’s Best Motor Insurance Services in Noida

Why Insurance Policies necessary for us? To prevent any mishappening to you and your products, and Insurance Policy is required for an individual. It is an agreement between the insurer and the policyholder where the insurer buys a no. of insurance policies to protect and defend themselves to claim the money in losing against theft, accident, or any illness.

Simplify Policy is the most truthful and accountable virtual stage for insurance policy services where we help you with all kind of policy plans. We help and assist our purchasers with the excellent policy plans for you and your family, your vehicles with our professional personnel who aid you with worldwide knowledge, profession increase and difficult issues in the course of selecting a number of policies. Simplify Policy having more than a few insurance coverage plan like- Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Motor Insurance, Two-wheeler Insurance and etc. As we all recognize that choosing proper Insurance policies are hectic work, and during the pandemic time, it has become the most difficult task to choose the right policies.

We give you guidance for all road vehicles damages and their policy plans from end to end. It’s an individual responsibility to ensure your vehicle or renew your motor insurance update from time to time. It’s always a good idea to do full research on your vehicles insurance policy and then opt for the best policy premium plan.

Following documents are required for buying Motor insurance policy:

Identity Proof
Proof of citizenship
Passport size Photos
Driving License
Vehicle’s RC book
Simplify Policy is a Noida based company who helps you with the Best Motor Insurance Services in Noida where we offer you an insurance policy that covers your vehicle’s physical damage against any financial loss like theft, fire, explosion, natural disaster, riots and accident. As per the Indian government under Indian motor Act motor insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners, only third party insurance is compulsory.

Most of the citizens don’t know what a motor insurance policy covers and what does it not. Let’s have a detailed knowledge of what isn’t covered under a motor insurance policy:

Any damages to tyres and tubes.
Loss due to drunken driving
Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown
Damaged vehicle driving by someone without license
Depreciation, etc
Simplify policy not only assist you with motor policies but also guide you step by step and help you with compare new and renew motor policies online without any hassles. Renewal of insurance policy has now become easy and affordable with an online procedure. We assist our customer in their every step and lead them to the good policies plans.

How to Create a Zero Based Budget

Are you able to keep track of every amount that goes in and out of your account? Do you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck and unable to save money?

The truth is, most of us are unaware of how much we need to live comfortably each month and this could lead to stress when paying bills. To manage your money effectively, creating and sticking to a budget is essential, and a zero-based budget will help you account for every single kobo you earn or spend.

In simple terms, a zero-based budget is your income minus expenses equal to zero (i.e. I – E =0). With zero-based budgeting, you will understand how your hard-earned Naira is being spent (expenses, debt, and investments).

Creating a zero-based budget might seem tasking, however, using the right digital saving and banking tools will make the process easy to start.

How to make a zero-based budget
1. List all your income sources

When making your zero-based budget, start by adding your possible sources of income. This can include your salary, income from your side hustle, cash gifts, residual income from investments, etc. You can do this with a sheet of paper, excel spreadsheet, or online savings platforms.

2. Write down your monthly expenses

Before the month begins, write down every planned or recurring expense starting with food, utilities, shelter, and transportation. Also, include a category for miscellaneous (unplanned expenses). Don’t forget to add your periodic savings to your budget too; saving money should be a priority.

3. Compare your cash inflow and outflow

Remember the goal of a zero-based budget is to have a balance of zero at the end. If your income and expenses do not equal zero that means you will need to increase your income or reduce your expenses, or both.

The desired outcome of the zero-based budget is to have every Kobo accounted for. This does not mean you will have zero Naira in your bank account, it means that you will have zero Naira left in your budget.

If you have a ¦20,000 excess in your budget, you will need to assign it to something profitable. For example, an investment platform like OVERWOOD will help you earn compound interest on idle funds.

The biggest advantage of adopting a zero-based budget is that it gives you control over what is happening with your money. A zero-based budget will direct you on how to spend your money the right way.

Take Advantage of Personal Loans – Read These Scenarios Where You May Need IT

You should use a personal loan to meet unforeseen expenses. It should not be obtained on the spur of the moment or simply because one feels like splurging. There may be times when you are facing an emergency financial crisis and need instant cash. In such scenarios, a personal loan could help you because it can be used for any purpose. These loans come with high-interest rates, and if you take a secured personal loan, you may risk losing your collateral. Before you apply for a personal loan, find out what you will use it for, and then decide whether you want to begin filling out an application or not.

Listed below are a few scenarios where a personal loan can prove to be useful:

Buying Latest Gadgets
Are you a digital-technology expert or enthusiast? If yes, then you desire to buy the latest gadgets. However, purchasing a new expensive gadget can be a stressful process. As the technology is continuously changing, new gadgets integrated with ‘smart’ technology are emerging to make your work easier. This increases your urge to buy these gadgets. So, apply for a personal loan to fulfill your desire to purchase the latest gadgets. However, don’t forget about the interest rates and the EMI you need to pay.

Medical Expenses
Medical expenses can take a severe toll on your finances. There are times when you don’t have enough money set aside to cover your medical expenditures. If you’re medical bills are overdue, it is better to think of different ways through which you can make payment. One way is getting a personal loan as it is a hassle-free process, and the loan amount is disbursed quickly. Make sure to select the lender that can be disbursed the loan amount into your account quickly.

Necessary Home Renovations
You have planned the renovation of your home with a budget. While renovating the home, you realized that the actual cost of renovating exceeds the budget you have in mind. This is where a personal loan can be used. With this loan, you can do many things such as remodeling the house, change the fittings and furnishings, etc. Here, it is important to note that your creditworthiness will decide the loan amount and interest rate you will be charged with.

Child’s Education
As a parent, you want to provide everything your child desires and needs. Quality education is one of the things your child needs to have a bright future. However, education is continually getting more expensive. Along with this, the education loan is insufficient to cover tuition pay, relocation costs, living costs, etc. Getting a personal loan can prove to be very helpful in such cases. The loan amount can be used to cover living costs, relocation costs, etc.

Wedding Expenses
In India, weddings are typically lavish and big. To make your dream wedding come true, you need to have adequate finances. A personal loan may look like a great idea if you do not have sufficient funds to organize the wedding. Since there are no limits on using the funds from this loan, you can use it as per your needs. You can utilize it for catering, flower arrangements, or shopping.

Moving Expenses
Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can also be stressful. You may be relocating for work or other personal reasons. Either way relocating is a hectic process and can get costly. Applying for a personal loan makes perfect sense in this case. It will cover any unforeseen costs that occur as a result of your relocation.

Repaying Family Or Friends
Your relationship is at risk if you’re indebted to someone who helped you out with a loan but you can’t pay them back. A personal loan can help you; however, it is better to communicate with that person first. Perhaps you can come up with new payment plans that are mutually acceptable. If this is not possible, then you can go for a personal loan.

It is best to save money when you are planning to go for the trips. However, an unplanned holiday is often inevitable. It is extremely doubtful that you will be able to afford a vacation. So, what is your next step? Apply for a personal loan, get the loan amount disbursed to your account within a few hours. Then, enjoy a hassle-free holiday.


Whatever amount of money you have saved may not be enough in case of an emergency or unplanned event. This is where personal loans come into play. The applying process for a personal loan is easy, and disbursal is quick. Taking a personal loan can be helpful if you’re using it smartly. Remember that it is better to take a loan when there is an emergency, and you need instant money.

Planning Consultants Are Available in Every City to Help Builders Obtain the Necessary Permissions

Commercial developers too have work cut out on a much larger scale and will need professional help with the applicable policies and the planning law, the legal precedents if any and all the legal processes that are usually involved in this scale of development. It is best therefore to leave the ground work to a team of planning consultants who are well versed with the processes involved. Most planning commissions are stringent and an individual can check with the local authority for a brief of what is involved when he thinks of developing property or rebuilding. The local Development Plan will have information on the types and kind of development that is allowed in the area and will list out restricted areas like Green Belts and protected landscapes. There are also exceptions that can seem complicated and the help of a Solicitor for Planning Appeals is the right person to sort this through.

Planning consultants and even a Solicitor for Planning Appeals are not just to help you understand the legal argon but more importantly will also help to deal with all aspects of the planning law to guide their clients through the planning process and can also make a case for an appeal against any decision by the Planning Commission. For a commercial developer the services of a Solicitor or a Planning consultant is invaluable as the legal paperwork and contracts are prepared in such a way so as to eliminate any loopholes or problems when the property needs to be put on the market. Issues like additions to an existing property, converting a flat into an office, is the accommodation to be used as a permanent residential area or as a holiday home? These issues and many others can be easily resolved with the help of a planning consultant.

It is always recommended to enlist the help of a Solicitor for Planning Appeals or Consultants that is from the same area or district. Policies vary from region to region and a local consultant will be better aware of the local laws. With the help of the internet one can now find listings of these solicitors and even planning consultants online. This is a very convenient way to not only get information but also to clear a few doubts on the issue with sites that are dedicated to these topics. There are many professionals available with online sites to answer queries and to help with the legal paperwork as well. Ask around for recommended names and find a reputed solicitor for your requirements.

It can be quite an experience to attempt to fill in the required forms and paperwork correctly and having the services of an experienced authority on these matters like a Solicitor for planning appeals or even planning consultants is invaluable.

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